One plus one equals three

Inspired by my time in Copenhagen, I pitched the selv concept to Mel.

And from there, the two of us became a team.

For both of us, the selv journey has been about creating designs that transcend seasons - modern classic luxe tee's for men and women that would be the foundation of their wardrobe essentials.

We wanted to create designs that looked incredible and felt amazing.

And we also wanted to create something more than just a tee.

selv is about empowerment, self-love, self-confidence and self-expression. It's about encouragement, self-belief, self-discovery. It's treating yourself and others with love and self-respect. It's fun and playful and always looks amazing. 

So when the two of us really thought about what is at the heart of selv, we defined what we affectionately refer to as our three pillars.

We are selv and we invite you to be stylish, stay self-aware and always remain playful.

Be stylish, stay self aware and always remain playful