Slow it down

"Slow fashion" was a term first coined by Kate Fletcher from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion in 2008.

The antithesis of "fast fashion", slow fashion represents all things "eco" and "ethical" in one unified movement.

Don't get us wrong - we love beautiful, fashionable clothes as much as the next person - but we also believe there is something so much more satisfying in being able to slow it down. Let's learn the the story behind a piece of clothing.

Knowing where in the world the cotton was grown - and maybe even the story behind the people who planted, grew and picked the cotton.

Knowing that both the fabric and then the piece of clothing were produced by people who were treated well and paid fairly. 

Confidence that the piece of clothing hanging in your wardrobe was made with integrity from quality materials made to last, helping to minimise unnecessary waste.

Let's slow it down. At selv, we believe in creating high quality luxury tee's, produced responsibly and designed to look good and feel great.

Coming soon x


Quote: life is beautiful - dress accordingly