The tee: A short history lesson

It may be wardrobe essential, but where did it all begin?

  • 19th century: Basic t'shirt design developed as undergarments.
  • Late 19th century: Miners adopt these undergarments as their clothing of choice while working in hot environments.
  • 1898: T'shirts become popular when they are issued to the American Navy during the Spanish-American War. They were intended to be worn under their uniforms - but in hot, tropical climates the sailors were quick to strip down to their t'shirt!
  • By the Great Depression, t'shirts were the clothing item of choice for chores and agricultural work. 
  • 1950's: Marlo Brandon wore a tee in the movie, A Streetcar Named Desire. and James Dean donned one for Rebel Without A Cause. Popularity soared and it officially received "cool" status.
  • Today, the basic white tee is a fashionable wardrobe essential that transcends seasons. Luxe cotton tee's for your amazing self - coming soon x

Images courtesy of bmbsplace, Elle MadameFigaro, TashOakley, FollowMeTo