Travel has been an important source of inspiration for Selv.  

My first trip to Europe was in 2013. Like so many Australians before me, I embarked on a five week adventure, experiencing a smorgasbord of landscapes, food, languages and culture.

My second big trip was in 2014 and I spent six weeks living in Copenhagen as part of a university exchange program. 

Before both of these trips, amidst the mayhem in my room as I desperately emptied the entire contents of my wardrobe onto my bedroom floor, I lamented the fact that I didn't have enough good quality basic cotton tee's.  Optimistically, I trawled my favourite online haunts and physical stores to find these elusive perfect basic tee's that I knew would be versatile enough to justify the suitcase space. 

When my hunt for beautiful basic cotton tee's was unsuccessful (two years in a row!), little did I know that this frustration of mine was simply the beginning of something much bigger.

I don't know where or when my next overseas adventure will be, but I do know that it's never too soon to start dreaming.

Always remain playful x

Images courtesy of lentejita, refinery29, Pinterest