Where did those glorious, long summer days disappear to?!

In what feels like only the blink of an eye, the days are noticeably shorter and cooler; Autumn has snuck up and settled its' cool self upon us once again. 

This month, as we work across two time zones to coordinate pattern design in Australia and sample production of our luxe tee's in Peru, here's a little snapshot of life at Selv:

Lemonade by Beyonce 

Presence by Amy Cuddy
Letters to my grandchildren by David Suzuki
Collective Hub Magazine

With the cooler weather comes the inevitable cravings for warming, comfort foods - and nothing beats a warm, gooey chocolate brownie!

Candles. I've always loved having one on my bedside table, and now that the weather is much cooler there is something particularly cosy about the flickering glow and the sweet scent that fills the room. My two favourites at the moment are Persia by Glasshouse Candles and French Pear by Innoscent. I love the travel tin range by Innoscent - I always throw one in my suitcase whenever I go away. It always make the destination feel so much more homely! 

This season I've been spending a few weekends at my parents place in beautiful Armidale. Nestled in Northern New South Wales, this area known as New England is divinely picturesque in Autumn. Poplars, oaks and maples in various shades of red, orange and yellow are scattered across the landscape illustrating the change of seasons, somewhat rare to the typical Australian landscape. And of course, there's always the promise of a cosy fire, a nice bottle of red wine and lively, lengthy conversations that await in the warmth of their home.