Cotton vs. Synthetic Tee's

The older I get, the fussier I become.

(Disclaimer: I like to think of it is as my tastes are simply becoming more refined, because life's too short for bad coffee, bad wine and bad outfit choices!)

Wearing synthetics (for example: viscose, modal, polyester) never used to bother me - but living in a sub-tropical climate like Brisbane means that humidity can be rife and fabrics that can breathe (think silk or cotton) are so much more appealing.

Although some synthetics or synthentic-blends might still be able to justify a place in my wardrobe (active wear is one such example that springs to mind, where so much research goes into creating special sweat-wicking fabrics!) - when it comes to good quality, wardrobe essentials like basic t'shirts, give me cotton or silk any day!

While the initial cost may seem slightly higher than what you'd find in some of the fast fashion clothing stores, in reality what you are paying for at Selv is exceptional quality of the raw materials (pima cotton, the finest cotton in the world), incredible attention to detail and time spent perfecting classic designs - and a fair wage to the people who handcrafted your tee.

At Selv, we believe you are amazing, and that you deserve to feel amazing too.

Love yourself in our luxe basic cotton tee's.