Four tips to start your day right

At Selv, we believe in being your best self.

And I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always my best self!

Whether it's allowing stress to get the better of me, getting caught up in a negative train of thought, not making time to exercise, which in turn affects my ability to sleep (feeling unfit and sleep deprived is not a winning combination!) or letting my insecurities cloud my judgement, I have not let always let my best self shine through. 

But I've found that a good healthy routine first thing in the morning can do wonders, as it allows me to take some time out for myself, and prepare for the day ahead.   

Looking for ways to improve your morning routine? Here's my top four tips:

1. Meditate

After reading and hearing so much about the benefits that mindfulness meditation can provide, I'd decided that one of my New Years resolutions for 2016 was to give it a try. Now, I'm happy to say it's part of my daily routine (well, at least during the working week!) 

Try apps like Calm, Headspace, Mindfulness and Smiling Mind  - with introductory guided meditations only 5 minutes long, it's so easy for anyone to incorporate it into their daily routine.

2. Yoga

I've been a big advocate of yoga for many years - but I only started practicing outside of classes this year. Now I schedule in 20 - 30 minutes of yoga every morning after meditation. Not only does this offer physical benefits of stretching and strengthening your muscles after a night's sleep, but yoga is also a great way to calm and focus the mind. 

Need some inspiration for yoga practice at home? Check out Elle Fit Active.


3. Green smoothie

I shared my favourite Green Smoothie recipe in an earlier blog post - and this is usually a staple in my morning routine! Made with a mix of green tea and coconut water, this smoothie is both refreshing and mentally stimulating, which means I don't need a coffee until mid-morning. I usually make it the night before so it's in the fridge, ready to drink after yoga!

4. Gratitude Journal

Before I get caught up in the flurry of emails, social media and news updates, I've learnt to take five minutes to write down three things that I'm grateful for. Studies have shown that gratitude can help boost emotional and physical health, improve relationships and overall life satisfaction. Taking just a couple of minutes each day to identify things you are grateful for that you might otherwise take for granted can really help you to shape an optimistic approach to life. 


Be yourself, but be your best self x