Inspired by: beautiful home spaces

The idea of home has always been a very special one.

As somewhat of a self-confessed homebody, I love being able to create a sacred space where I can relax and unwind - a place of happiness. Comfy spaces for curling up with a good book, or inviting spaces for long chats with friends over a cup of tea or a bottle of red. Neat work areas filled with natural light that inspire the creative mind, and where energy and attention can be focused. Soft, airy, bedroom spaces where I can switch off and relax. 

Although in my heart I call multiple places home, I have treasured being able to settle in to my Brisbane apartment. It is so empowering to have a cosy space to call my own and to come home to after a big day at work. As a natural introvert, down time in my gorgeous little abode is a necessity for me to recharge, reflect and re-energise - and ultimately be my best self!

Even so, that doesn't stop me from looking for inspiration for my next dream apartment or home - wherever in the world it might be!

Here's some stylish spaces that I'm absolutely loving at the moment:

Images courtesy of: Dream Housee, SE Homes