Weekend wanderings: Litchfield National Park

In the spirit of Always Remaining Playful, I recently spent a long weekend in the Northern Territory. 

Litchfield National Park is only 120km from Darwin - close enough for a day trip, but we decided to stay over night so we could spend two full days exploring - chasing waterfalls, exploring some of the walking tracks and seeking out the best swimming spots. 



As much as I love city life, be it wandering foreign or familiar city streets and laneways, visiting new or favourite cafes, bars and restaurants, soaking up sunshine in Sydney or simply cozied-up in my Brisbane apartment - nothing will ever compare to the feeling of relaxed freedom when completely surrounded by the raw beauty of nature. Probably even more so when we live in a constantly-connected society, compulsory time out from the digital world (there's no phone reception in Litchfield National Park!) felt like I was hitting pause on all the background distractions that sometimes prevent me from living fully in the moment. 


Be stylish, stay self aware and always remain playful x