My favourite four yoga Instagram accounts

Winter has well and truly arrived. And on these cold, dark mornings the temptation to turn off my alarm and remain in my warm, cosy bed is very real!

I used to love going for a walk first thing in the morning, but when I started a new job last year, I was able to form a new routine of walking home from work. This has been amazing - but it's also meant that my morning routine went from smashing 6km's before breakfast - to no real routine at all. 

So, one of my new years resolutions for 2016 was to re-create a positive morning routine. It's this commitment and determination that, six months later, is still helping me to make my way to my yoga mat most mornings. 

Despite having been a regular yoga-class attendee for many years, I never used to practice yoga at home. I always liked the idea of being able to go through some flows whenever I felt like my mind was in over-drive, or my tight muscles were in need of a deep stretch, but I never felt capable or comfortable to practice yoga at home alone (oh the irony!).

But with my new goal in my mind, and with some inspiration from some incredible Instagram accounts, I've been able to overcome that mindset.

Looking for some yogi-spiration? Here's a list of four of my favourite yoga-related Instagram accounts to follow - check them out:

1. Elle Fit Active

I've been following this talented Sunshine Coast-based beauty for quite some time and I love how raw and real she is! I own one of her wall prints as well as one of her ebooks. Her ebook has helped boost my confidence with my at-home yoga practice! 

Image credit:  @elle_fit

Image credit: @elle_fit

2. Sjana Elise Earp

A globetrotting yogi, Sjana's photos are sure to inspire both your yoga moves and your travel plans!

Image credit:  @sjanaelise

Image credit: @sjanaelise

3. Nude Yoga Girl

Where art and yoga collide: both tasteful and inspirational!

Image credit:  @nude_yogagirl

Image credit: @nude_yogagirl


4. Amanda Bisk

A former Australia pole vaulter, Amanda is an all-round fitness junkie with enviable flexibility! 

Image credit:  @amandabisk

Image credit: @amandabisk