Quality basic tee's

We've spent over 18 months carefully researching, designing and perfecting the most flattering, comfortable and stylish classic cotton tee's. We cannot wait to launch - because we know you are going to love them!

So what made us decide to launch a line of basic t'shirts?

Well, we felt that the current offerings were either:

  • Expensive (we love Australian designers, but we don't always love paying three figures for a t'shirt)
  • Poor quality (the cheap alternatives tend to pill quickly, don't always hang nicely, are too thick or too thin, or flick out to the side after being washed)
  • Are a cotton/synthetic blend, or pure synthetic
  • Are not consistently available, season to season

And the more we talked to our friends about this - the more we realised we weren't the only ones who felt this way! So, we have been on a mission to bring to you high quality, luxe basic t'shirts.

I thought I'd share some things that we've learnt along the way:

1. Good things take time

How naive I was to think that we could launch within six months of inception! Despite being a simple, basic tee, I've learnt that if you want to create something truly beautiful that represents your standards, you have to be patient. Good things take time!

2. To achieve a high quality product, start with high quality "Ingredients"

When it comes to beautiful simplicity, I love to use the analogy of good Italian food. The end result is usually quite a simple one - but you need to start with high quality ingredients in order to achieve a standout result. There are an array of fabrics on the market - but we wanted to produce high quality cotton tee's. Cotton is a natural fabric with so many wonderful attributes (it breathes, is soft on even the most sensitive skin and wears well) - but there's an array of different types of cotton available. As we want to offer basic t'shirts made from luxury high quality cotton, we had to start with the best raw material. Pima cotton, grown in Peru, is renowned for being the best in the world, so despite the fact we're located in Australia, we knew this was the best cotton for our t'shirts. 

3. Research, research, research

In order to design a product that doesn't have the faults we'd identified in other t'shirts, we needed to understand what caused them. So now we know that:

  • Pilling generally occurs in lower quality cotton with short staple fibres
  • T'shirts that twist out of shape when they're washed often do so because the cross-grain is not parallel to the grain (this is particularly noticeable in grey marle tee's - if the line of the grey fabric is not running straight across the body, the cross-grain is not perpendicular. Look out!)
  • Fabric can only be so light before it's near impossible to achieve a perpendicular cross-grain - meaning to achieve a super lightweight cotton t'shirt, there's a very good chance it will not maintain its shape. So we've chosen a fabric that's as lightweight as possible without compromising the integrity of the shape. 

4. Design

Design preference is subjective, and that's why we've chosen to launch with our take on some classic t'shirt designs: v neck, scoop neck and crew neck. 

5. It's not just a basic t'shirt

Selv is so much more than a t'shirt label. We believe in enabling you to be your best self, through offering you a high quality, luxury, affordable basic tee's. We believe you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. We believe that self love is the most important love. We believe that you are amazing - and that you deserve to feel amazing too.

Be stylish, stay self aware and always remain playful xx